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Prepare for the Big Day with a Fresh Cut from Our Stylists in Newcastle-under-Lyme

The Golden Globes, the Oscars, and the Cannes Film Festival all have a long history with ultra-glam hair. When your event is on the horizon and you turn your mind to your hair, we will rip up the rule book and guide you towards an amazing look. At Embassy, in Newcastle-under-Lyme, we offer bespoke and tailor-made wedding and bridal hair packages to ensure the perfect day. Whether the service takes place on-site or at our location, our artistic team will cater for your every need. This season, we are looking at subtle, show-stopping elegance influenced by the Bardot beehive and high-shine ponytails seen at fashion weeks around the globe.

Condition is the key to any successful hair creation, so give yourself time to book in for a few of our luxury treatments and get your hair in tip-top shape for your special event. Prices are given at consultation, and location services are available.

Getting Started

The best starting point is getting the plans together and pinpointing exactly what you want for your wedding. From tiaras to topknots, we will work with you on your ideas and introduce you to the most appropriate hair stylists. Hopefully, you will have been putting together some images or pictures that you like, and we would love for you to come and share your ideas with us. If you think we can provide the service you are looking for, we can make appointments for your hair consultation. You will want to know our terms and conditions as well as our prices, so now is the time to discuss the details. We want your reveal to be top secret, so we will create a special, secret Pinterest board to keep each other posted with new ideas that only we can share with each other.

Things to Consider

Getting your hair into better shape is imperative, and we need to take care of any hair problems. This may be done by pumping up the volume of limp or super-fine hair, taming unruly frizz and fly-aways, or simply trimming away dry ends. Let our team take an in-depth look at your hair and scalp to prescribe the relevant products and treatments.

Rehearsal Hair

Your big day is getting closer, so it’s now time to trial your wedding hairstyle with your chosen hair stylist. Please bring any wedding hair accessories to your appointment. Hair and makeup trials generally last for one hour each. We can carry out as many hair and makeup trials as you want, but they will still be charged at an hourly rate.

We advise washing and drying your hair the morning of the trial as this allows the stylist to use the appointment time fully to create your proposed look. If you have not been able to grow your hair, or you just need an extra bit of volume or length, we are happy to offer hair extensions. Let us add natural, glossy, beautiful hair for ultimate fullness and body.

Please let us know if you would like a change of look for the evening of your wedding, as we will factor this into your hair and makeup trials to create two different looks for you. Let’s also not forget the groom!

The Final Prep

Two weeks before the big day, you will visit Embassy for your final haircut and colour. Please note, however, that highlights must be done 7 to 10 days prior to the wedding to ensure they look fresh but have time to settle in. This time before the wedding day also means we are able to make any tweaks that are necessary. Hair extensions must be fitted 10 days before the wedding straight after any colour so that they can settle. Most importantly of all, we want you to savour every moment and have fun!

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