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As one of Newcastle-under-Lyme’s most technically-astute hair salons, Embassy Hair can revive can help you achieve long, sleek, flowing locks which personify the epitome of hair health. Our keratin straightening treatment will help you to define your look and cut blow drying time in half.

Keratin is a fibrousprotein that is found naturally in your hair.

Its presence helps to define the structural composition of each of your hair fibres. Should the amount of keratin in your hair begin to diminish, your hair will lack flexibility and strength – as much as 90% of your hair strands are made up of keratin!

Not caring for your hair well can result in thinning, hair breakage and an overall unhealthy experience. When this occurs, you need to seek the expertise of keratin straightening specialists – like those found at Embassy Hair.

Visit our salon and be treated to the foremost keratin straightening in Newcastle-under-Lyme. We know how to restore, replenish and revive damaged or broken strands, cultivating strong hairwith sleek lustre and bounce which will promote growth without disrupting the texture.

Book an appointment and our learned keratin straightening hairdressers in Newcastle-under-Lyme take a methodical approach, strengthening your hair root to tip for a prolonged luscious finish. The treatment generally takes approximately 90 minutes, though it can be shorter or longer depending on the length of your hair. We will massage the treatment deeply into all the stands of your hair for that consistent finish. We use only the most lauded keratin straightening product’s and then apply a measured amount of heat. This ensures maximum keratin retention and ensures that your hair is amply treated.

The Experience

When you arrive at Embassy Hair for your keratin straightening in Newcastle-under-Lyme, you’ll be treated to a professional and welcoming environment. We will take the time to discuss the treatment you’ll receive, informing you of everything that you need to know. We are renowned across the city for being a customer-centric barbers – and one that offer’s so much more than you’d expect!

Stick around after you’ve had your keratin treatment and have a snack or some lunch. We have an on-site coffee shop that serves delicious hot food and hot and cold drinks. Tuck into a jacket potato and choose from a range of fillings. There’s chilli and tuna mayo and cheese – and a couple other fillings – not to mention a salon special – that you’ll have to try, all sold at cheap prices. 

Book online or call one of the leading keratin straightening hairdressers in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Our team are well-versed in treating hair of all colours, textures and lengths. We will infuse you with confidence and infuse your hair with replenishing Keratin treatment that will have you anxious to walk the streets of Newcastle and show off hair’s new finesse.

Price List

Full-Head (Long) - £130.00
Collar - £115
Short - £90
Thicker Hair - £30.00
Partial Application * £40.00

Upgrade your keratin treatment with Olaplex for just £25.00.

*Skin test required 48 hours prior to appointment

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If you’d like to learn more, call the main salon on: 01782 661174 or call our barbers on: 07788 617117.

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